Aluminum Windows vs. Vinyl Windows

Are you shopping around for a window replacement? If so, you may have stumbled upon a common roadblock: deciding between vinyl and aluminum windows. In our latest blog post, we give you the inside scoop on vinyl windows vs. aluminum windows to help make the window replacement process easier for you.

Aluminum Windows


Aluminum windows have a high impact ratio and can withstand extreme and fluctuating temperatures. While aluminum windows can withstand extreme temperatures, they have their fair share of risks. Common issues with aluminum windows include deteriorating, rusting, and fading, making them less ideal for homes along the coast.


Aluminum windows pose the risk of oxidization, in which they will turn color and fade. Frequent upkeep is required to maintain their original color.

Energy Efficiency 

As is evident in its name, aluminum windows are made of aluminum. Due to their material make-up, they are not an ideal window option for locations that receive prolonged and intense direct sunlight. Their metal framing is a hot pot for heat conduction, making them ill-fitting for homes in California, where the heat can be extreme.


While on the lower end of most replacement options, the average cost of aluminum windows is a whopping $375 to $1,285 per window.

Vinyl Windows


Vinyl windows are an excellent window replacement choice. Unlike aluminum windows, vinyl windows will not rust, corrode, or fade and are great at camouflaging chips and dents. And unlike wood, they are free from cracking or splitting. Vinyl windows can last anywhere between 20-40 years.


Vinyl windows are straightforward to care for and require nearly no maintenance. This goes for their frame and their windows as well. Once installed, all you have to do to keep them in tip-top shape is wash them down a couple of times a year. For stubborn debris build-up, mild soap and rag will do the trick.

Energy Efficiency 

Vinyl windows are made with highly energy-efficient materials, unplasticized vinyl (uPVC). They are set with high-performance glass filled with gases such as argon for added insulation and energy efficiency. Additionally, vinyl window frames are filled with insulation materials for added insulation. And as an added feature, vinyl windows are coated with low-E coatings to reflect UV rays and protect home interiors from damage or fading.


Compared to fiberglass, composite, and wood, vinyl windows are the most cost-effective window replacement option. Their lifetime warranty is an added incentive that makes them even more worthwhile.

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