Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient?

Did you know that casement windows are one of the most preferred window styles in the United States? This is mainly because of their nice aesthetic appeal and great ventilation. However, more and more homeowners have been wondering: are casement windows energy efficient? Keep on reading to find out!

Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient?

Are casement windows more energy efficient than other window styles? The answer is yes! These windows are directly attached to the frame by the hinges and come with notably tighter seals than other window styles (like slider windows), making them highly energy efficient. Casement windows have one of the lowest air leakage numbers among all other window styles. When closed, their sash seals tightly into the window frame, keeping airflow—and rain—exclusively outside. Below we’ll go over the top features that make casement windows so energy efficient:

Tight Seals

One of the main features that make casement windows highly energy efficient is their tight seals on all four sides. Windows with rails have more space for air leakage, while casement windows prevent air from escaping through the space around the frame’s edges. When shut, casement windows become completely airtight.

Low-E Glass

Today’s latest casement windows come with Low-E glass. This special glass blocks harmful UV rays and reduces heat loss during the colder months. Low-E glass with the combination of a casement window’s tight seals makes it a supreme choice.

Double Pane with Argon Gas

Double panes windows are becoming the norm regarding home windows. The days of single-pane windows are a thing of the past. This feature has taken casement windows’ energy efficiency to the next level! Double-paned glass with argon gas prevents the exterior temperature from impacting your indoor temperature.

Why Casement Windows Are Worth It

Besides being highly energy efficient, casement windows have many great features that make them so popular. They’re secure, elegant, and offer great insulation benefits. Reasons why casement windows are so popular include:

Great Ventilation

Casement windows offer unrivaled opening and ventilation capabilities thanks to their opening mechanism. These windows can be opened completely with no screen inhibiting even the most minimal airflow.

Enhanced Security

Thanks to all of a casement window’s hardware being hidden on the frame, they are known to be one of the most secure window options available. This engineering makes it practically impossible to tamper with.

Unobstructed Views

Casement windows are known for offering extraordinary views thanks to their frameless design. There don’t have any sections separating your view of the exterior environment. With minimal visual clutter, casement windows are a popular choice for homeowners that want to enjoy the views outside their homes.

Casement windows are a popular window choice—and for a good reason! They offer great ventilation, unobstructed views, and are highly energy efficient! If you’re looking to install casement windows in your home, the experienced team at Bill Morris Contracting can help! Contact us today by calling (805) 302-9575 or clicking here.