Let More Natural Light in This Summer with New Windows

Many homeowners want to take advantage of natural lighting during summer. Natural light is a huge summer benefit and can really brighten up your living space. Natural light brightens your home and makes it look fresh and airy. The type of windows you have impacts how much sunlight you can enjoy, so this is why there are a few window elements to consider if you want more natural lighting. Keep reading to discover how you can let more natural light in this summer with new windows.

Benefits of Natural Lighting

There are several benefits to getting natural lighting from your windows, whether you are interested in functionality or the beauty of natural lighting. The following benefits will help you decide if you want to install new windows for more natural lighting:

It’s Trendy 

Believe it or not, one of the trends for 2022 is natural sunlight in homes because more homeowners are enjoying natural light. Natural lighting depends on your windows, so you need good windows to get good natural lighting. If your home doesn’t have good windows, joining the trend might be a reason to take the plunge and upgrade them.

It Makes a Space Feel Fresh 

Natural sunlight automatically makes your space feel fresh and alive. Natural lighting immediately makes your space feel better and opens it up. Sunlight makes a room look larger than it is and makes a room feel more open.

Less Orange Toned 

Natural sunlight is less orange-toned than indoor lighting. It is also better than cool-toned lighting, which can feel overly harsh and bright. Natural light perfectly balances lightness and brightness without feeling harsh. It doesn’t make the room look orange or dim like some indoor lighting. It feels natural and creates the perfect balance that most indoor lights can’t match.

How to Get More Natural Lighting This Summer

Now that you know the benefits of sunlight, let’s discuss how you get more sunlight. Your windows and their placement in your home affect the amount of natural sunlight you’ll get. Not only will certain window upgrades give you better sunlight, but they will also improve your home’s curb appeal. You add more value by making sure the windows let in nice lighting.

Upgrade Your Windows 

After many years, windows no longer provide good sunlight and may need to be replaced. It’s time to upgrade your windows if you find them inadequate for letting in light. At Bill Morris Contracting, we only install extremely energy-efficient windows that let in plenty of sunlight for your residential and commercial properties. These windows are ideal during summer because you can get natural lighting but not heat your entire house. Your windows will be functional, practical, and attractive.

Consider Window Placement 

Getting good natural light also depends on window placement. Depending on your home’s direction, the sun comes in different directions and shines dominantly on one side of the house. If your windows aren’t placed smartly, you might get very little natural sunlight or none at all. The opposite can also be a problem; one side might get too much sunlight and become too sunny and warm. You want to place your windows strategically throughout your house to capture optimal sunlight. Then your entire home will be evenly bright and warm during summer.

Switch Out Your Curtains 

Something as simple as switching out your curtains can also give you more sunlight. Choose thin, light-colored curtains that you can pull back fully to expose the window. Avoid thick or dark curtains, especially blackout curtains. Pick airy curtains that allow light to shine right through the fabric.

Let More Natural Light in with Bill Morris Contracting

Natural light is back and a trendy home feature of 2022. It’s a way to get beautiful natural lighting during summer to keep your home feeling bright and open. If your home doesn’t have good natural lighting, you may need to make adjustments. Consider installing new windows and placing them where you will receive just the right amount of natural light. We do high-quality window installation at Bill Morris Contracting, and when you don’t know where to place them, our experts can lend a hand! For more information, call us at (805) 302-9575 or visit our website here!