What is a Replacement Windows and Doors Sound Package?

Deciding to replace your windows and glass doors is not a small or simple feat. Thought and deliberation must go into picking the best for your home. You might consider purchasing a sound package when choosing the best glass for your windows and doors. What is a replacement windows and doors sound package? This blog discusses Anlin’s sound-suppressing technology that helps to eliminate outside noise from entering your home.

Anlin Sound Suppression Technology

Are your neighbors partying all night, making it difficult for you to sleep? Do you live near a road busy with cars during all times of the day? Anlin windows with Sound Suppression Technology reduce unwanted outside noise by up to 50% so that you can enjoy the quiet of your home. The Anlin sound package is an optional upgrade with Anlin Del Mar Series windows and can be combined with any high-performance glass package.

How Does the Sound Package Work?

Anlin Sound Suppression Technology uses two different glasses to break down sound waves traveling into the home from outside. The interior glass pane is 3/16″ thick, and the exterior glass pane is 1/8″ thick. Argon gas is placed between the two panes of glass to help with the reduction of noise and energy efficiency. Laminated glass, with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inner layer between two pieces of glass, also helps to reduce outside noise.

How Are Windows Rated for Sound Transmission?

Windows are measured by Sound Transmission Class (STC), which measures how effectively they reduce sound transmission. The higher the STC number, the better. The lower the STC number, the less amount of sound that will be blocked. STC is also used to measure the effectiveness of walls and doors.

Which Windows Should I Get the Sound Package For?

You can add Anlin Sound Suppression Technology to all the windows throughout your home or the windows facing the most outside noise.

Any window that you want to reduce noise can when you work with Bill Morris Contracting. If you decide to replace your windows, contact us to speak with a replacement window expert who will help you choose the best windows and glass for your home. Give us a call at (805) 302-9575 or visit our website today.